PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
9.4. Defining the Alarm Filter Format
The Alarm Filter Format describes the location of various "fields" within
each call record. Proper definition of the Format tells the VIP where to
look, in order to determine if a record should be counted as a match.
Different types of PBX units will produce records with a slightly different
structure. In order to define the Alarm Filter Format, you must first
examine several records from the PBX in order to determine the exact
record structure. After the format is established, the next step is to assign
variables to the fields you intend to monitor. The Alarm Filter Format
allows definition of up to 26 variables (the uppercase letters A through Z),
which indicate specific record fields or locations. These variables are used
when defining the Alarm Filter Clues.
When defining the Alarm Filter Format, particular attention must be paid to
recognize the exact format used by the PBX. For example, if the call record
shows the time as "09:00", then the Alarm Filter Format must account for
all five digits, including the colon that separates hours and minutes.
To define the Alarm Filter Format, proceed as follows.
1. Activate the Command Mode as described in Section 19.1. From the
Main Menu, type 1 and press [Enter] to access the Status Screens.
Check the Status Screen for the port you intend to monitor (Port A,
Port B, or AUX), and make certain the Time/Date Stamp is Off. The
Port Configuration menus are used to enable/disable the Time/Date
Stamp as described in Section 5.4.
If the Time/Date Stamp is On, field locations will be altered when
data is released to the polling device. The Time/Date Stamp
appends extra characters to each record. This may cause errors
in the Alarm Filter Format. Disable this feature prior to storing
records that will be used when defining the Alarm Filter Format.
After the Alarm Filter Format is defined, make certain to return
the Time/Date Stamp option to the desired setting.
2. Press [Esc] to return to the Main Menu. Allow the VIP to collect
several PBX records.
3. From the Main Menu, type 25 [Enter] to access the Alarm
Configuration menu. When the menu appears, type 1 or 2 (for Alarm
Filter 1 or 2) and press [Enter]. The Alarm Filter Configuration menu
will appear as shown in Figure 9.2.
4. From the Alarm Filter Configuration menu, type 1 [Enter]. The
Format Definition menu will appear as shown in Figure 9.3.
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