The Alarm Filters (Toll Fraud Detection)
1. Define Format
2. Display Clue Details
3. Define Clues
4. Edit Clues
5. Delete Clues
6. Alarm Counter Reset Time: (undefined)
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Figure 9.2: Alarm Filter Configuration Menu (Alarm Filter 1 Shown)
9.3. The Alarm Filter Configuration Menus
The Alarm Filter Configuration menus (Figure 9.2) are used to set-up the
two Alarm Filters. Each filter has its own configuration menu, and both
menus are accessed from the general Alarm Configuration menu
(Figure 9.1). Both menus include the following options:
1. Define Format: The Alarm filter Format (see Section 9.4.)
2. Display Clue Details: This item is used to review the parameters
assigned to each Clue.
3. Define Clues: The criteria that determine if each record should be
flagged and counted. Section 9.5 describes Alarm Clue definition.
4. Edit Clues: Allows the user to edit or alter existing Clues.
5. Delete Clues: Deletes clues as described in Section 9.5.2.
6. Alarm Counter Reset Time: Determines the time of day when
Clue Counters for this filter will be reset. Each Clue has a counter
which determines how many times this type of call has occurred. For
example, a Clue may be used to count long distance calls. When the
Alarm Counter Reset Time is selected, all counters for this Alarm
Filter will be reset to zero at the selected time each day.
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