50 AOE-212N
. 2 Password Change
. 3 System check setup
. 4 Restart system
. 5 Factory set system
. System information
Item Contents Default Value
User account Change the password for the Selected the account. The administrator
“admin” can change the password for all accounts.
New password Change the password to connect to the equipment. 1
Apply Save the changes by clicking Apply button.
Initialize Reverts to previous setting before the change.
Item Contents Default Value
System check time Set daily system check time.
Operation When activated, performs a system check at the set time and reboots
the system.
Apply Save the changes by using Apply button to store the changes.
Initialize Reverts to its default state before saving the settings.
Item Contents Default Value
Current Time
Displays current time of the device. Updated as web connection is made.
System uptime Equipment turned on time and elapsed time display.
Item Contents Default Value
Apply Restart the device by using the Apply button.
Item Contents Default Value
Click the Apply button to reset the device to Factory Reset the device
defaults. All settings are returned to the factory default settings and or
to the last system upgraded state.
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