. System Setup
. 1 Network Setup
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MAC address Display the MAC address the device.
Host name
Displays the name of device.
If it displays the location of device, management will be convenience.
All characters are supported except blank spaces.
Device location Indicates the location of the device. Operates as contact output function
is used.
IP address
Setup the IP address of device.
There are two ways “Dynamic IP assignment from DHCP Server” and
“Manual Setting” Setting a Static IP address.
Subnet mask Identifying method used to separate the host and the network portion
of the IP address.
Gateway Setup the gateway of network connected to the gateway.
DNS 1 server Setup the address of DNS1 server.
Follow the setup of property setup of device.
DNS 2 server Setup the address of DNS2 server.
Follow the setup of property setup of device.
Apply After completing the changes to the equipment,
press the Apply button to saves the updated settings.
Initialize Reverts to the default setting.
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