44 AOE-212N
.4.2 Contact Output Monitoring
After completing the contact output settings, one can monitor the contact output status as shown above.
Category Contents Default
Host name Displays the name of host. aoe-212n
Port The port information while in operation. 5457
Device location Device location entered in the network settings.
Used for device identification purposes. -
Delay value of
contact closure Delays the contact operation per set time period. Inactive
Contact manual mode User can directly generate the virtual contact activity via the web UI. Inactive
Verify the contact closure
[Modify label] can attach a name to each contact.
[Active] of [All contact state] sets all contacts to the usable state.
[Inactive] of [All contact state] sets all contacts to the unusable state.
[Red L] current contact state is Low (Closed) state.
[Green H] current contact state is High (Open) state.
[Active] Contacts are operating normal.
[Inactive] Contacts are not operating even with inputs.
Click [Contact manual mode] to generate a virtual contact to change the
contact status.
Add memo The name of the interlocking devices, IP address and other contents are
added to memo.
Memo list Displays the saved memo list.
Use [Remove] button to delete each memo.
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