40 AOE-212N
- Click [Setup] button in [Holiday] to display as shown below.
At the screen above, holiday can be set. During the holiday setting, reserved broadcast is inactive.
- Click [Delete] button at [Holiday] to display as shown below.
At the above screen, holiday can be deleted. Click [Select all] button to delete all of holiday settings.
- Click [Setup] button at [Source file management] to display as shown below. (Applies only to MP3 reserved broadcast
At the above screen, select the MP3 file to be used for MP3 reserved broadcast.
[Delete], [Play], [Stop] are used to manage MP3 files.
Can use up to 95% of the total disk storage space.
AOE-212N_MANUAL_137029_FOR_MA-206_212_E 15. 4. 29. 오전 10:17 페이지 40
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