36 AOE-212N
.2.2 Time signal setup
.2.2-1 MP3 Reserved Broadcast Setup
Category Contents Default
Enable [ON] Button to operate the functions.
[OFF] Button to stop the functions. ON
Config file [Download] Button to download the stored files.
[Upload] Button to upload the stored files and apply to the device.
Schedule table view [View Table] Button to view the status of all reserved broadcasts.
Schedule list
[Add] Button to add reserved broadcast.
Up to 50 reserved broadcasts can be registered.
[Delete] Button to delete reserved broadcast.
[Modify] Button to modify registered reserved broadcasts.
[Setup] Button to add holidays.
During holidays reserved broadcast is not active.
Up to 30 holidays can be reserved registered.
[Delete] Button to delete holiday setting.
Source file management [Setup] Button to upload the MP3 files to be used in reserved broadcast.
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