26 AOE-212N
.1.3 Serial setup (422)
.1.3-1 Settings of serial (422) server
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Selection of baud rate
The baud rate indicates the rate at which information is transferred in a
serial communication channel for 1 second.
It sets as same as the baud rate of relevant device.
Setting of serial
transmission method
As one of the communication system, you can refer to a method of
communication in a point-to-point high interactivity.
Half duplex - Provides communication in both directions, but only one
direction at a time (not simultaneously).
Full duplex - Allows communication in both directions, and allows this to
happen simultaneously in a time.
485 mode - Support the serial (485) operating through 422 serial port.
Full duplex
Selection of operating
Port - Select the desired port for servers operating.
It cannot choose the duplicated port. 5456
Apply After completing the changes to the equipment, press the Apply button
to saves the updated settings.
Initialize Reverts to the default setting.
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