20 AOE-212N
- Allows to receive RTSP communication
If in RTSP receive mode, in Audio setup mode, setting is shown as above.
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Selection of
TCP/IP - It is the Internet protocol suite (IP), provides reliable, and enables to
error-control and stream control. There are unicast and multicast transmission mode.
RTSP - It is real time streaming protocol and compatible to the other device.
It enables to control the delivery and error.
Selection of
transmission method
Unicast transfer mode - It is 1:N communication and indicates Server-
Client structured transmission. The Server is able to monitor the information
of clients.
Multicast transfer mode - it describes communication where a piece of information
is sent from one or more points to a set of other points. The Server is unable
to monitor the information of clients.
Selection of
buffering time
It is for the time delay of playback. In case of 0 second, it takes the minimum delay
of the network.
It can be delayed up to 10 seconds. 0s 0ms
Selection of
It describes the prevention of downtime of service and dispersion of service load.
When the main server breaks down, it switches to the redundancy server. Main server operating
Selection of
operating IP address - It is used for multicast mode and the IP address set by server is sent to
the corresponding multicast group.
Port: 5454
information Port - Select the desired port for servers operating. It cannot choose the duplicated
Apply After completing the changes to the equipment, press the Apply button to saves the
updated settings.
Initialize Reverts to the default setting.
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