18 AOE-212N
Server Dualization
The main purpose of server dualization is assuring redundancy. Audio can be received from a secondary or sub-server
in the event of trouble or failure from the main server. The Secondary Server is only used to enable redundancy if the
AOE-212N main server is not able to transmit/receive un the event of network or equipment failure.
When the AOE-212N Client is configured with dual redundant server, The AOE-212N Client will automatically switch to
the secondary or sub-server when the primary server is un expectedly interrupted allowing for seamless uninterrupted
audio broadcast.
Reference: When using only one AOE-212N Server on a network the disconnect probability is 1/1,000. On the other
hand, if use dual redundant Servers are used as above, the disconnection ration will be decreased to
Server setting
Configure two AOE-212Ns as Servers with 2 different IP addresses. Connect the first AOE-212N and name it as main-
server and name the second AOE-212N as sub-server. This is done via the by web-browser in the ‘Network setup’ of
‘System setup’ Menu on the left side menu.
Activate the server mode by selecting in the ‘Audio setup’ on the left side menu, then checking on “Start” box in “Audio
server” section.
Main server and sub-servers IP address must be set with different values.
Main server and sub-servers must be connected to same audio source.
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