14 AOE-212N
- Select RTSP transition mode
If in RTSP communication mode, in Audio setup mode, setting is shown as above.
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Selection of
TCP/IP - It is the Internet protocol suite (IP), provides reliable, and enables to error-control and
stream control. There are unicast and multicast transmission mode.
RTSP - It is real time streaming protocol and compatible to the other device. It enables to
control the delivery and error.
Selection of
transmission method
Unicast transfer mode - It is 1:N communication and indicates Server-Client structured
transmission. The Server is able to monitor the information of clients.
Multicast transfer mode - it describes communication where a piece of information is sent from
one or more points to a set of other points. The Server is unable to monitor the information of
Selection of
playback method
PCM(Pulse-code modulation) - It is the uncompressed voice date and the sound quality
determines according to the sampling rate and channel. It consumes a lot of traffic.
MP3 - It describes an audio coding format for digital audio which uses a form of lossy data
compression, but has lower traffic consumption than PCM(About 8~10 times of traffic reduced
compared to the PCM)
Selection of
playback info
Sampling rate - More sampling rate higher it is similar to the original sound, but the capacity
is bigger (TEL: 16KHz, CD AUDIO 44.1kHz, DVD AUDIO 48kHz)
Channel - There are a single audio channel (MONO) and two audio channels (Stereo).
Bitrate - It describes the quality of MP3 audio file and the audio with the higher bitrate sounds
more clear, but more capacity.
Sampling rate
Hz Channel
Selection of
IP address - It is used for multicast mode and the IP address set by server is sent
to the corresponding multicast group. Port - Select the desired port for
servers operating. It cannot choose the duplicated port.
Port: 5454
After completing the changes to the equipment, press the Apply button to saves
the updated settings.
Reverts to the default setting.
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