Equipment setting using AOE-212N internal CGI server
Equipment setting using AOE-212N internal CGI server
It provides the web-page to check the status and control of AOE-212N.
Contents of this Operation Manual are subjected to be changed by revision of firmware. please refer to
“www.inter-m.com/en” for latest one.
AOE-212N uses HTML5 and Websocket standards, therefore, some browsers may not work. Supported
browsers are as follows:
AOE-212N web page is optimized for Google Chrome browser.
. Accessing AOE-212N Web-page
. 1 Access to the web-page by using internet browser (Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, etc.)
. 2 Insert the IP address displayed on the front LCD of AOE-212N.
If it is connected normally, user verification window will pop-up..
User verification is required to access the AOE-212N web-page.
Default value for factory setting is as below.
Please be sure to change the password after the connection you use.
When properly connected, AOE-212N Web page will be displayed in the browser.
Administrator admin 1 All functions admin configuration
User user 1 All functions except system management
Support Support Status
Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9
Opera, Opera Mini
Android 4.3(Jelly Bean) or less browser
Internet Explorer 10 or higher browser
Chrome, Chrome mobile
Safari, Safari mobile
FireFox, FireFox mobile
Android 4.4(KitKat) or higher browser
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