8. Upgrading the IPS Firmware
When new, improved versions of the IPS firmware become available, the
"Upgrade Firmware" function can be used to update the unit. Updates can be
installed via the Console Port or Network Port.
The upgrade procedure can only be performed via the Text Interface.
All other network ports will be disabled during the firmware
upgrade procedure.
When the upgrade procedure is complete, all parameters will be set
to their default states. Therefore, it is recommended to save IPS
configuration parameters to an ASCII file (as described in Section 7)
before beginning this upgrade procedure.
1. Obtain the update file. Firmware modifications can either be mailed to
the customer on a CDR, or downloaded from WTI. Place the upgrade
CDR in your disk drive or copy the file to your hard drive.
2. Access the IPS command mode via the Text Interface. When the
password prompt is displayed, key in the System Level Password.
3. When the command prompt appears, type /U and press [Enter]. The
IPS will display a screen which offers the following options:
1. Upgrade Sector 0
2. Upgrade Sectors 1 - 4
3. Upgrade Sectors 5 - 7
4. Abort Upgrade
Note: Instructions regarding the proper Sector option will be supplied
when upgrades become available.
Select the Sector Option indicated for the upgrade and press [Enter], or
type 4 [Enter] to abort the upgrade procedure.
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