IPS-400 / IPS-400-CE - User’s Guide
3. "Sure?" Prompt Suppressed: All commands are executed without
prompting for user confirmation.
4. Error Messages Suppressed: If the [Enter] key is pressed without
entering a command, the IPS will not respond with the "Invalid
Command" message. Note however, that an error message will still be
generated if commands are invoked using invalid formats
or arguments.
All other status display and configuration commands will still function as
6.5. Manual Operation
In addition to the command driven functions available via the Web Browser
Interface and Text Interface, the IPS’s switched plugs can also be toggled
On and Off manually. To manually toggle plugs On or Off, press the
Default Button, and hold it down for approximately three seconds.
If desired, the Default Button’s manual plug control ability can also be
disabled via the General Parameters menu as described in Section 5.3.1.
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