IPS-400 / IPS-400-CE - User’s Guide
6.2.3. Applying Commands to Several Plugs -
Text Interface
As described below, Boot/On/Off commands can be applied to only one
Switched AC Outlet, or to an assortment of outlets.
Note: When Boot/On/Off operations are initiated, Boot/Sequence
Delay times will be applied as described in Section
1. Several Plugs: To apply an On / Off / Boot command to several
plugs, enter the numbers or names for the plugs, separated by a "plus
sign" (+). For example to switch plugs 1, 3, and 4 Off, enter the
/OFF 1+3+4 [Enter]
2. Series of Plugs: To apply a command to a series of IPS Plugs, enter
the number for the plugs that mark the beginning and end of the series,
separated by a colon. For example, to switch plugs 1 through 3 On,
enter the following:
/ON 1:3 [Enter]
4. All Plugs: To apply a command to all plugs, enter an asterisk in place
of the name or number. For example, to Boot all plugs, enter the
/BO * [Enter]
6.3. Logging Out of Command Mode
When you have finished communicating with the IPS, it is important
to always disconnect using either the "Log Out" button (Web Browser
Interface) or /X command (Text Interface), rather than simply closing your
browser window or communications program.
When you disconnect using the Log Out button or /X command, this
ensures that the IPS has completely exited from command mode, and is
not waiting for the inactivity timeout period to elapse before allowing
additional connections. This ensures that IPS unit will be available to other
users, and they will not have to wait for the timeout period to elapse before
accessing command mode.
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