IPS-400 / IPS-400-CE - User’s Guide
6.2.2. On/Off/Boot/Default Commands - Text Interface
These commands can Boot or toggle the On/Off status of the IPS’s switched
plugs, or set plugs to user-defined On/Off values as specified by the
currently defined Power Up Default for each plug. Plugs may be specified
by name or number.
Wait for the "IPS>" prompt to appear before entering additional
commands. The prompt will not reappear until the previous
command is complete.
Commands are not case sensitive. All commands are invoked by
pressing [Enter].
Users who login to command mode using a Plug password will
only be allowed to issue commands to the plugs allowed by that
If command confirmation is enabled, the IPS will display the
Status Screen after the On/Off/Boot/Default commands are
successfully completed.
When On/Off/Boot commands are executed, Boot/Sequence
Delay times will be applied as described in Section
Internet Power Switch v1.41d Site ID: (undefined)
Display Configuration
/H Display Help Screen /G View/Set General Parameters
/S Display Plug Status /P [n] View/Set Plug Parameters
/SN Display Network Status /C View/Set Serial Parameters
/N View/Set Network Parameters
Control /T View/set Telnet Parameters
/D Set Plugs to Default /W View/Set Web Server
/Boot <n> Boot Plug n /E Save Parameters
/On <n> Turn On Plug n /R Recall Parameters
/Off <n> Turn Off Plug n /DL Download Parameters to File
/X Exit/Disconnect
+------------------------------------+ /I Reset Network Interface
| [n] = optional plug name or number | /U Upgrade Firmware
| <n> = required plug name or number |
| n+n or n n = plug n and plug n |
| n:n = plug n through plug n |
| * = all plugs |
| ,y = bypass “Sure? (y/n)” |
Figure 6.3: The IPS Help Screen - Text Interface
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