Confi guration
5.3. Configuration Menus
As described in the sections that follow, configuration parameters for
the IPS can be selected via the Web Browser Interface or Text Interface.
Although the Web Browser and Text Interface provide two separate means
for selecting parameters, both interfaces allow access to essentially the
same set of parameters, and parameters selected via one interface will also
be applied to the other.
Note: Configuration menus are only available when the System
Mode is active. Configuration menus are not available if you have
logged in using a Plug Password.
Web Browser Interface: Click the "Setup" button to gain access to the
configuration menus; a row of buttons will be displayed along the left hand
edge of the screen. Click the appropriate button to access the desired menu.
Note the following:
Newly selected parameters will not be activated until you click the
"Apply" button.
Click "Switch Panel" to return to the main status screen.
Text Interface: Refer to the Help Screen (/H), then enter the appropriate
command to access the desired menu. When the configuration menu
appears, key in the number or letter for the parameter that you wish to
define and follow the instructions in the resulting submenu. Note the
To exit from a parameters menu, press the [Esc] key.
The following sections describe options and parameters that can be
accessed via each of the configuration menus. Please note that essentially
the same selection of parameters and options are available via both the Web
Browser Interface and Text Interface.
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