3.1.2. Option Setup Switches
The Option Setup Switches are a bank of ten Dip Switches that are used to select port baud
rates, Prefix Code Repetition, enable/disable the Force Broadcast function, and Force CTS
and/or DCD positive. Port Baud Rates (Sw1, Sw2, and Sw3)
The first three Option Setup Switches are used to select port baud rates as described in the
table below.
* = Factory Setting
D= Down
Option Setup Switch
Sw1 Sw2 Sw3
19.2K UUU
9600 * D UU
4800 UDU
2400 D D U
1200 UUD
600 D UD
300 UDD
150 D D D Prefix Code Repetition (Sw4, Sw5, Sw6, and Sw7)
Option Setup Switches 4 through 7 are used to select the repetition value for the Prefix Code.
This repetition value determines the number of consecutive Prefix Code characters that must be
sent to the CAS-41A prior to sending an instruction to connect or disconnect a Port.
If printers or other output devices are connected to the unit, the selected Prefix Code may
occasionally be present in graphics files that are sent through the CAS-41A. In order to
prevent characters in graphics files from being interpreted as commands, the Prefix Code
Repetition feature can be used to require a series of identical Prefix Code characters.
For example, when the Prefix Code Repetition value is set at 1, the default Prefix Code is ^V.
If the Prefix Code Repetition value is set at 4, the default Prefix Code is ^V^V^V^V.
The table below shows the Option Setup Switch configuration used to select the various Prefix
Code Repetition values.
* = Factory Setting
D= Down
Prefix Code
Option Setup Switch
Sw4 Sw5 Sw6 Sw7
1* D UUU
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