PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
8.1. The Data Filter Configuration Menus
To access the Data Filter Configuration Menus, from the Main Menu,
type 26 and press [Enter]. A selector menu will appear. Type 1 for Data
Filter 1, or 2 for Data Filter 2, and then press [Enter]. The Data Filter
Configuration Menus (Figure 8.1) offer the following options:
1. Data Filter Action: Determines whether the Filter will store or
reject records that match Clues. If the Data Filter Action is "Reject",
NetLink II will reject all records that match Data Filter clues. If the
action is "Store", NetLink II will store all records that match clues.
2. Define Format: Defines the Data Filter Format as described in
Section 8.2.
3. Display Clue Details: After clues are defined, this item can be used to
review the parameters assigned to each clue.
4. Define Clues: Several Data Filter parameters can be combined into
a single clue, or individual parameters can be defined under separate
clues to create a logical "Or" condition. Section 8.3 describes
clue definition.
5. Edit Clues: Allows the user to edit or alter existing Clues.
6. Delete Clues: This item can be used to delete user-defined clues as
described in Section 8.3.
1. Data Filter Action: Store
2. Define Format
3. Display Clue Details
4. Define Clues
5. Edit Clues
6. Delete Clues
Enter Selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 8.1: Data Filter Configuration Menu (Data Filter 1 Shown)
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