PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
7.16. Alarm Filter Clue Status Screens
As shown in Figure 7.17, these screens list the status of clues defined
for Alarm Filters 1 and 2. Note that there are four separate Alarm Filter
Clue Status Screens, with each screen reporting status for a specific input
port and Alarm Filter matched. For more information on Alarm Filters
and clues, please refer to Section 9. The Alarm Filter Clue Status Screen
includes the following items:
Current Zone: Indicates whether Business Hour parameters
(Threshold and Duration) or Non-Business Hour parameters are
currently in effect. Note that Business Hours are defined via the Alarm
Configuration Menu for each Alarm Filter, and that each Alarm Filter
can be configured to cover different business hours..
Clue Name: The names of the clues defined for this Alarm Filter.
Each clue describes a specific type of PBX event (e.g., off-hours long
distance calls).
Threshold: The number of times this event must occur in order to
generate an alarm. Note that clues can be defined to apply a different
threshold for Business Hours and Non-Business Hours.
Match Count: The number of times this event has occurred since the
last counter reset.
Reset Timer: The amount of time remaining until the next counter
reset. Note that the counter reset time (Duration) is defined via the
clue definition menus, and that separate reset times can be defined for
Business Hours and Non-Business Hours.
Alarm Status: The status of the last alarm generated by each clue as
Pending: The alarm is still waiting to be sent
Success: The alarm has already been sent.
Failure: The unit was not able to send the Alarm
Ellipsis (...): No Alarm has been generated.
PollCat NetLink II Version 1.02 08/01/2005 Mon 14:15 0% Full
Current Zone: Non-Business Hours
Clue Name Threshold Match Count Reset Timer Alarm Status
Press <Enter> to return to menu ...
Figure 7.17: Alarm Filter Clue Status Screen (Filter 1 Shown)
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