Status Screens
7.15. Reason for Action Screen
This screen (Figure 7.16) can be used to determine the exact reason for
an alarm. Note that if an Alarm or Scheduled Action has not occurred,
NetLink II will display a message which reads, "Session Not Initiated by
NetLink II." The Reason for Action Screen includes the following:
Reason: The reason why the last alarm or Scheduled Action was
Alarm Type: The type of Alarm that generated the action.
Port: The port that received the record that was responsible for the
last Action that was generated.
Alarm Filter: The alarm filter that generated the action.
Clue Name: The clue that generated the alarm action.
Threshold Count: The number of times that the monitored event
must occur in order to generate an Alarm Action.
Match Count: The current counter value for the clue.
Message: The user-defined alarm message for the clue that generated
the alarm action.
PollCat NetLink II Version 2.0 02/22/2006 Wed 14:58 1% Full
Reason: Alarm Action
Alarm Type: Alarm Filter Match
Port: PBX
Alarm Filter: 1
Clue Name: ALPHA
Threshold Count: 25
Match Count: 25
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Figure 7.16: Reason for Action Screen
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