PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
7.12. 80% Full Alarm Status Screen
As shown in Figure 7.13, this screen lists parameters for the 80% Full
Alarm. For more information, please refer to Section 11. This status screen
lists the following:
80% Full Alarm: The enabled/disabled status of the alarm.
Alarm Action Parameters:
Action: The selected action that will be performed when an 80% Full
Alarm is generated.
Phone Number: The number dialed when the 80% Full Alarm
generates a callout or page action.
Pager ID Numbers: The ID numbers that are used when the 80%
Full Alarm generates an alphanumeric page.
SNMP Manager: The SNMP manager that will receive SNMP Traps
generated by this alarm.
Email / Text Message To: The address(es) (defined via the Network
Port configuration menu) that will receive email and text messages
generated by this schedule.
Message: The message sent when this alarm generates a callout,
alphanumeric page, SNMP Trap, email action, or console action.
Auto Execute: The On/Off state of the Auto Execute feature.
Execute Commands: A command string that can be automatically
executed when the 80% Full Alarm is triggered.
PollCat NetLink II Version 2.0 02/16/2006 Thu 14:15 0% Full
80% Full Alarm: Off Action: None
Phone #: (undefined)
Pager ID 1: (undefined)
Pager ID 2: (undefined)
Pager ID 3: (undefined)
SNMP Mgmt: Manager #1
Email/Txt Msg To: #1
Message: (undefined)
Auto Execute: Off
Execute Cmds: (undefined)
Press <Enter> to return to menu ...
Figure 7.13: 80% Full Alarm Status Screen
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