PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
Line # Tag: When enabled, a line number will be inserted at the
beginning of each record released by this port.
Send Compressed: When enabled, this port will release data in space
compressed format.
Auto Delete: When enabled, stored data will be erased after the
polling device acknowledges reception.
Callout Parameters:
Dial Attempts: The number of times NetLink II will attempt to
dial a callout number.
Sequence Attempts: The number of times NetLink II will restart the
dial-out process, and delay between each sequence of attempts.
Immediate Callout: When enabled, NetLink II will dial the Callout
Number immediately after the user disconnects.
Immediate Phone #: The Immediate Callout phone number.
Dialback Security: The status of the Dialback Security feature.
7.9. The Network Port Status Screen
As shown in Figure 7.10, this screen lists Network Port parameters.
Communication Settings:
MAC Address: The Media Access Control Address.
IP Address: NetLink II's IP Address.
Subnet Mask: NetLink II's Subnet Mask.
Gateway: NetLink II's Gateway Address.
DHCP: The On/Off status of the Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol feature.
IP Security: The On/Off status of the IP Security feature.
General Parameters:
Command Echo: The On/Off status of the Command Echo feature at
this port.
Response Type: Upon login, this port can either display the Main
Menu immediately, or wait until [Enter] is pressed.
"Sure" Prompt: When enabled, a prompt will be displayed before
destructive commands are completed.
CMD Port Timeout: The Network Port timeout value.
Audit Trail: When enabled, NetLink II will log command activity.
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