PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
7.7. The Console Port Status Screen
Communication Settings: Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop Bits, and
Handshake Mode for the Console Port.
General Parameters:
Command Echo: When enabled, commands sent to this port will be
echoed back to the polling device.
Response Type: Upon start up, this port can either display the Main
Menu, or withhold the Main Menu until [Enter] is pressed.
"Sure" Prompt: When enabled, a prompt will be displayed before
destructive commands are completed.
CMD Port Timeout: The Console Port timeout value.
Audit Trail: When enabled, NetLink II will log command activity.
Action Parameters: The amount of time that will elapse between alarm
actions sent from this port.
Output Parameters: Lists the following parameters for this port:
Output Mode: The format used when data is released via this port.
Data on ^B01: When disabled, ^B02 is sent to begin data release.
Hold End Data: When enabled, a ^B02 is required in order to release
the "End Data" message.
Line # Tag: When enabled, a line number will be inserted at the
beginning of each record released by this port.
Send Compressed: The On/Off setting of the compression feature.
Auto Delete: The On/Off setting of the Auto Delete feature.
PollCat NetLink II Version 2.0 02/16/2006 Thu 14:15 0% Full
Com Settings: 9600,N,8,1,RTS Output Mode: ASCII Record
Data on ^B01: On
Hold “End Data”: On
Line # Tag: Off
Send Compressed: Off
Auto Delete: Off
Command Echo: On
Response Type: Inhibit Menu
“Sure” Prompt: On
CMD Port Timeout: 15 Mins
Audit Trail: Off
Action Delay: 10 Secs
Press <Enter> to return to menu ...
Figure 7.8: Console Port Status Screen
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