Status Screens
7.6. The PBX IP Port Status Screen
This screen lists the currently defined parameters for the PBX IP Port, and
includes the following:
Communication Settings:
Service: Indicates whether or not the PBX IP Port has been enabled.
Port Number: The TCP/IP port number for the PBX IP Port.
Window Size: The RSP Window Size.
Keep Alive Send: The Keep Alive Send timeout value in seconds.
Keep Alive Response: The Keep Alive Response timeout in seconds.
SDM Response: The SDM Response timeout in seconds.
Input Parameters:
Time/Date Stamp: Current setting of the Time/Date Stamp.
Serial Number Stamp: Current setting of the Serial Number Stamp.
Strip Non-Print.: The Strip Non-Printable Codes feature.
End Character: The End of Record character for the PBX IP Port.
Alarm Filter: The selected Alarm Filter (if any) for the PBX IP Port.
Store Alarm Data: Indicates where NetLink II will store alarm data
received via this port. Alarm Records can be stored in the Alarm File,
the Standard (Non-Alarm) File, or in both files.
Data Filter: The selected Data Filter (if any) for the PBX IP Port.
PBX Inactivity Alarm: The On/Off status of the PBX Inactivity
Alarm at this port.
PollCat NetLink II Version 2.0 02/16/2006 Thu 14:15 0% Full
Service: On
Port Number: 9000
Window Size: 6
Keep Alive Send: 60 Secs
Keep Alive Resp: 60 Secs
SDM Resp: 30 Secs
Time/Date Stamp: Off
Serial # Stamp: Off
Strip Non-Print: On
End Character: ^J
Alarm Filter: None
Store Alarm Data: Alarm
Data Filter: None
PBX Inact Alarm: None
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Figure 7.7. The PBX IP Port Status Screen
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