Confi guration
5.4.7. Server Configuration
This menu is used to configure the NetLink II's Server function. When the
Server feature is enabled, the NetLink II unit will function as an SFTP/
FTP file server, allowing you to use your SFTP or FTP client to retrieve
stored call data from the unit. The Server Configuration Menu includes the
following items:
1. User Name: The user name that will be used when logging into the
NetLink II's SFTP/FTP server. (Up to sixteen characters,
Default = undefined.)
2. Password: The password that will be used when logging into the
Server. (Up to sixteen characters, Default = undefined.)
3. File Name: The first four characters of the file name that the Server
feature will assign to each "chunk" of data transferred from this unit.
For more information, please refer to Section 15.5.1. (Up to four
characters, Default = undefined.)
Note: If you will be retrieving data from several different
NetLink II units, a unique file name should be assigned to each unit.
This will prevent data from the various units from overwriting
each other.
4. Auto Delete: Enables/disables the Auto Delete function for Server
operations. When enabled, NetLink II will automatically delete
records from memory after the SFTP or FTP client acknowledges
reception. (Default = Off.)
1. UserName: (undefined)
2. Password: (undefined)
3. Filename: (undefined)
4. Auto Delete: Off
5. Audit Trail: Off
6. FTP Enable: Off
7. SFTP Enable: Off
11. Stop FTP Session
12. Stop SFTP Session
Enter selection,
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Figure 5.19: The Server Configuration Menu
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