PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
34. Xmit Attempts: The number of times NetLink II will attempt to
retransmit data if the operation fails. (1 to 99 Attempts,
Default = 5 Attempts.)
Note: NetLink II will not perform additional transmit attempts if
the specified file(s) are empty, or if the correct Server Address, User
Name, Password or Account information have not been defined.
35. Xmit Delay: The amount of time that will elapse between Transmit
Attempts (Xmit Attempts.) (1 to 99 Minutes, Default = 5 Minutes.)
36. Auto Delete: Enables/disables the Auto Delete function for Push
operations. When enabled, NetLink II will automatically delete
records from memory after the server acknowledges reception.
(Default = Off.)
37. Start Time: Specifies an exact start time for the next Push operation
as described in Section 15.4.2. (Default = undefined.)
41. Force Push: When selected, the unit will immediately perform
a Push operation using the parameters currently defined by Push
Configuration menu. If the partition owned by the Push feature is
empty, NetLink II will not attempt to connect to the server. A Forced
Push will not effect the Periodic Push schedule.
42. Test Push: Sends test data in order to determine if Push parameters
are correctly set. If the Test Push cannot establish a connection with
the server, NetLink II will display a message that describes the reason
that the test failed (e.g., incorrect password.)
Note: After you have selected new Push parameters, it is
recommended to use the Test Push feature to make certain
that newly defined parameters will work with your SFTP/FTP
43. Stop Push: Terminates any Push operation that is currently in
progress. Note that when this item is selected, NetLink II will
immediately terminate a Periodic Push or Force Push.
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