Confi guration PPP Dialout Configuration
The PPP Dialout feature (Point to Point Protocol) allows the NetLink II to
dialout to an internet service provider in order to download stored call data
when an Ethernet connection is not available. As shown in Figure 5.17,
The PPP Dialout configuration menu offers the following options:
1. Enable: When enabled, the NetLink II will dial out to a user defined
ISP service in order to download stored data. (Default = Off.)
2. Phone Number 1: The first (primary) number for your dial-up ISP.
(Default = undefined.)
3. Phone Number 2: The secondary (back-up) number for your dial-up
ISP. (Default = undefined.)
4. Username: The username that is normally entered when logging in to
your ISP. (Default = undefined.)
5. Password: The password that is normally used when logging in to
your ISP. (Default = undefined.)
6. SFTP/FTP over PPP: Allows the NetLink II to perform FTP or SFTP
data transfer over the PPP network connection. (Default = Off.)
10. Show Status: Displays the current status of the PPP feature.
11. Start Test: Creates a test PPP connection, using currently defined
12. Stop PPP: Terminates any currently existing PPP connection.
20. SFTP/FTP over PPP: When enabled, NetLink II will allow SFTP
and FTP operations over the PPP connection. (Default = Off.)
1. Enable: Off 20. SFTP/FTP over PPP: Off
2. Phone #1: (undefined)
3. Phone #2: (undefined)
4. Username: (undefined)
5. Password: (undefined)
6. Username Prompt: login
7. Password Prompt: password
10. Show Status: PPP has not been executed
11. Start Test: Not Executing.
File Test: Off File Force: Off
12. Stop PPP
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.17: The PPP Dialout Configuration Menu
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