Confi guration The Email & Text Messaging Parameters Menu
The Email and Text Messaging menu includes a series of prompts that
are used to define parameters for the NetLink II's email and text message
notification features. Note that this menu allows you to define parameters
for up to two possible email recipients, and that the individual configuration
menus for each alarm or scheduled action are then used to select either one
or both of these possible recipients. The Email and Text Messaging menu
(Figure 5.16) is accessed via item 38 in the Network Port Configuration
Menu and includes the following items:
SMTP Server Parameters:
1. IP Address: The IP Address of your SMTP server
(Default = undefined.)
2. Port Number: The Port Number that is used when connecting to your
SMTP server. (Default = 25.)
3. User Name: The User Name that is used when logging on to your
SMTP server. (Default = undefined.)
4. Password: The Password that is used when logging on to your SMTP
server. (Default = undefined.)
5. Authentication Type: The type of authentication protocol that is used
when logging on to your SMTP server. (Default = Login.)
Note: Before selecting email and text messaging parameters,
please consult your network administrator in order to determine
appropriate settings.
1. IP Address: (undefined) 21. From Name: (undefined)
2. Port Number: 25 22. From Address: (undefined)
3. User Name: (undefined) (Cont.):
(Cont.): (Cont.):
(Cont.): 23. To Name #1: (undefined)
4. Password: (undefined) 24. To Address #1: (undefined)
5. Auth Type: LOGIN (Cont.):
25. To Name #2: (undefined)
26. To Address #2: (undefined)
MISCELLANEOUS 27. Priority: Normal
11. Send Test Email 28. Subject: (undefined)
12. Stop Email Sess (Cont.):
13. Last Email Stat (Cont.):
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.16: The SMTP Parameters Configuration Menu
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