Confi guration
Action Parameters:
16. Action Delay: When multiple alarm actions are directed to this
port, the action delay determines how much time will elapse between
actions. This makes it easier to connect to the port, by providing a
window when the port is not busy sending out actions. (Zero to 9999
Seconds; Default = 10 Seconds.)
Output Parameters:
21. Output Mode: Selects the data output format for this port; ASCII
Record, XModem-CRC or ZModem. (Default = ASCII Record.)
Note: When using ZModem Output Mode, please refer to the
cautions listed in Section 15.7.
22. Data on ^B01: When enabled, NetLink II will immediately begin
sending data when the data release command is invoked (Menu or
^B01). When disabled, NetLink II will send the "READY" message,
then wait for Command ^B02 before releasing data. (Default = On.)
23. Hold End Data: At the end of each data release session, NetLink II
will send the "End Data" message before returning to command mode.
When "Hold End Data" is enabled, this port will wait for Command
^B02 before sending the End Data message. (Default = On.)
24. Line # Tag: Inserts a Line Number at the beginning of each
record released by this port. These Line Numbers are not stored in
NetLink II's internal memory, but are added when data is released.
(Default = Off.)
25. Send Compressed: Determines whether this port will release data in
space compressed or normal format. (Default = Off.)
26. Auto Delete: When enabled, data will be automatically deleted from
NetLink II's memory at the end of each successful read. If the read is
interrupted, data will not be deleted. (Default = Off.)
Note: Before enabling the Auto Delete function, please refer to the
cautions listed in Section 15.6.
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