Confi guration
5.4.3. Console Port Configuration
The Console Port is used for connection to a local control device, such
as a PC or laptop. To configure the Console Port, first go to the Port
Configuration Menu (Main Menu, item 22). Type 21 and press [Enter].
The menu shown in Figure 5.11 will be displayed, offering the
following options:
Communication Settings:
1. Baud Rate: Selects the baud rate for the Console Port. Any standard
rate from 1200 bps to 115.2K bps. (Default = 9600.)
2. Data Bits: Selects 7 or 8 Data Bits. (Default = 8.)
3. Parity: Selects Even, Odd, or No Parity. (Default = None.)
4. Stop Bits: Selects 1 or 2 stop bits. (Default = 1.)
5. Handshake Mode: Selects flow control for the PBX Input Port;
XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS, both, or None. (Default = RTS/CTS.)
General Parameters:
11. Command Echo: Enables / Disables the command echo for this port.
When enabled, keystrokes sent to the NetLink II via the Console Port
will also be displayed on your monitor. (Default = On.)
12. Response Type: Determines how the Console Port will react when
command mode is activated. If "Send Menu" is selected, NetLink II
will immediately display the Main Menu when command mode is
activated. If "Inhibit Menu" is selected, NetLink II will not display the
Main Menu until [Enter] is pressed. (Default = Inhibit Menu.)
1. Baud Rate: 9600 21. Output Mode: ASCII Record
2. Data Bits: 8 22. Data on ^B01: On
3. Parity: None 23. Hold End Data: On
4. Stop Bits: 1 24. Line # Tag: Off
5. Handshake Mode: RTS/CTS 25. Send Compress: Off
26. Auto Delete: Off
11. Command Echo: On
12. Response Type: Inhibit Menu
13. “Sure” Prompt: On
14. CMD Timeout: 15 Mins
15. Audit Trail: Off
16. Action Delay: 10 Secs
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.11: Console Port Configuration Menu
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