PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
5.3.2 Real-Time Clock Settings
This menu is used to set the Real-Time clock and calendar, select the time
zone, and configure and enable the NTP (Network Time Protocol) feature.
The Real Time Clock menu offers the following settings:
1. Date: Sets the Month, Date and Year for the real-time clock/calendar.
2. Time: Sets the Hour, Minute and Second for the real time clock/
calendar. Key in the time using the 24-hour (military) format.
3. Time Zone: Sets the time zone, relative to Greenwich Mean Time.
Note that the Time Zone setting will function differently, depending
on whether or not the NTP feature is enabled and properly configured:
(Default = GMT.)
NTP Enabled: The Time Zone setting is used to automatically
adjust the Greenwich Mean Time value (received from the NTP
server) to determine the local time for the selected time zone.
NTP Disabled: If disabled, or if NetLink II cannot access the NTP
server, then status screens and activity logs will list the selected
Time Zone and currently defined clock value, but will not apply the
correction factor to the displayed value.
4. NTP Enable: When enabled, NetLink II will contact an NTP server at
the selected IP Address once a day, and update clock settings based on
the current NTP server time and selected Time Zone. (Default = Off.)
Note: The NetLink II will also contact the NTP server and update
the time whenever you change NTP parameters.
5. NTP IP Address 1: Defines the IP address for the primary NTP
server. (Default = undefined.)
6. NTP IP Address 2: The IP address for the secondary, fallback NTP
Server. (Default = undefined.)
7. NTP Timeout: Defines how much time will elapse between each
attempt to contact the NTP server. (Default = 3 Seconds.)
1. Date: 12/17/2047
2. Time: 02:16:12
3. Time Zone: (GMT+0000) GMT (No DST)
4. NTP Enable: Off
5. NTP IP Addr 1: (undefined)
6. NTP IP Addr 2: (undefined)
7. NTP Timeout: 3 Secs
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.6: The Real Time Clock Menu
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