Confi guration Adding New User Accounts
The Add User Name/Password menu (Figure 5.4) allows you to create up
to sixteen user accounts, and define login names, passwords and dialback
numbers, and set the security level for each account.
1. User Name: The name entered at the login prompt. The user name is
also the account name. (4 to 16 Characters; Default = undefined.)
2. Password: (4 to 16 Characters; Default = undefined.)
3. Dial Back #: The number that will be dialed, when NetLink II is
contacted via modem, and the Dial Back Mode is enabled. For more
information on Dial Back Security, please refer to Section
(Up to 32 Characters, Default = undefined.)
Note: If the Dialback Number is not defined, then Dialbacks will
not be performed for this user.
4. Dial Back Mode: Enables/Disables the Dial Back Mode for this
account. The Dial Back Mode can be employed to provide an
additional level of security for Modem access tot he NetLink II
command mode. For more information on Dial Back Security, please
refer to Section (Default = Off.)
5. Access Mode: Determines whether this account will be allowed to
invoke all commands (Administrator) or will be limited to commands
used to retrieve data (User.) For more information on Administrator
and User commands, please refer to Appendix C. (Default = User.)
6. SSH Host Keys: This prompt is used to enter the SSH Host Keys
for this user. When the SSH Host Keys for a given user have been
defined, that User becomes a "trusted host" and will be allowed to
login to the NetLink II unit without first entering a password. Client
public keys must be made with the username and no passphrase.
(Default = undefined.)
7. Save Entry: After all account information has been defined, this
option is used to save each entry to NetLink II’s internal memory.
1. User Name: (undefined)
2. Password: (undefined)
3. Dial Back #: (undefined)
4. Dial Back Mode: Off
5. Access Mode: User
6. SSH Host Keys: (undefined)
7. Save Entry
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.4: The Add User Name/Password Menu
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