PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
3. Edit / Delete from Search: This item is also used to edit or delete
existing User Accounts; except in this case, accounts are selected using
a Search Function, which can locate accounts based on login name or
password as described in Section
Note: When the last User Account is deleted from the directory,
the default "SUPER" and "SMDR" accounts will be automatically
4. View User Directory: Displays a summary of all defined User
Accounts, including the login name, dialback number, status of the
Dialback option, and currently selected Access Mode for each account
as described in Section Note that this option does not display
actual passwords, and instead lists the password as "defined."
5. Default User Directory: Clears all user-defined accounts and restores
the default "SUPER" and "SMDR" User Accounts.
When this command is invoked via Telnet, the User Account that
was employed to access command mode will not be deleted.
Deleted accounts cannot be recovered. Administrator Access
In order to prevent configuration parameters from being changed by
unauthorized personnel, the NetLink II allows you to enable or disable
Administrator commands for each user account. Note that in the default
state, the NetLink II includes one predefined user account that provides
access to Administrator commands; the default login name for this account
is "SUPER" (uppercase, no quotation marks), and the password for the
account is also "SUPER".
It is recommended that when initially setting up the unit, you
should either change the login name and password for the
default "SUPER" account, or preferably, a new account with
Administrator access should be created, and the "SUPER"
account should then be deleted. This will prevent unauthorized
users, who are familiar with the default NetLink II login
information, from gaining access to command mode
If the NetLink II is reset to default parameters, all user accounts
will be cleared, and the default "SUPER" account will be
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