Confi guration
5. Alarm Data Wrap-Around: This feature is identical to item 6 above,
except that the Alarm Data Wrap-Around only applies to data that
matched a user-defined Alarm Clue. For more information on Alarms
and Alarm Clues, please refer to Section 9. (Default = Off).
5.3.1. The User Directory
Whenever you attempt to access NetLink II's command mode, you will
be prompted to enter a login name and password. Each login name /
password combination is defined within a "user account." User accounts
can be created, edited and deleted via the User Directory menu. In addition
to login names and passwords, user accounts can also define a "dialback
number" for the account, and set the security level ("Administrator" or
"User") for each account.
Accounts that provide "Administrator" command capability will be able
to invoke all NetLink II commands and access all configuration menus.
Accounts that provide "User" access privileges will only be allowed to
retrieve data, and will not have access to configuration functions.
To add new accounts, edit accounts, or display account details, go to the
System Parameters menu, type 1 and press [Enter]. The User Directory
Menu will appear as shown in Figure 5.3. The User Directory Menu offers
the following options:
1. Add User Name / Password: Defines new User Accounts as
described in Section
2. Edit / Delete from List: This item is used to edit or delete existing
User Accounts, Desired accounts are selected from a list of all
accounts as described in Section
Note: When the last User Account is deleted from the directory,
the default "SUPER" and "SMDR" accounts will be automatically
1. Add User Name/Password
2. Edit/Delete from List
3. Edit/Delete from Search
4. View User Directory
5. Default User Directory
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.3: The User Directory Menu
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