PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
5.3. Set System Parameters
The System Parameters menu (Figure 5.2) is used to set common
parameters, such as command mode passwords and the Site ID Message.
To access the System Parameters menu, go to the Main Menu, type 23 and
press [Enter]. The following items can be configured via this menu:
1. User Directory: Creates, modifies, reviews and deletes User Accounts
as described in Section 5.3.1. The User Directory also allows you to
set the security level for each account, in order to determine whether
the user will be allowed to change configuration parameters.
2. Site ID Message: Defines a text string (up to 32 characters) that can
be used to note the unit’s location. When defined, the Site ID will be
displayed prior to the Login prompt. (Default = undefined).
Note: If the Site I.D. begins with an underscore (_), the message
will be displayed after the "PollCat-NetLink" message during login.
If the Site ID message does not begin with an underscore, then the
message will be displayed before the "PollCat-NetLink" message.
3. Real-Time Clock: Sets the internal clock and calendar as described in
Section 5.3.2.
4. Wrap-Around: Allows new data to be written over older data when
internal memory becomes full. The Wrap-Around option applies to
both alarm data and non-alarm data. New data will not overwrite
older data in the current partition while command mode is active;
instead, new data will be stored outside the top boundary. If memory
is completely full, no additional data will be stored while data is being
read from the unit. (Default = On).
Note: When Wrap-Around is enabled and memory becomes full,
there will be a delay while the unit clears old data and writes new
data to memory. During this period, NetLink II will delay response
to additional commands. Newly received data will not be lost
during this delay.
1. User Directory
2. Site ID Msg: (undefined)
3. Real-Time-Clock: 06/16/2005 Thu 16:00:25
4. Wrap-Around: Off
5. Alarm Data Wrap-Around: On
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.2: System Parameters Menu
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