Confi guration
d) Access Command Mode via Network: Start your
communications program, and then key the NetLink II's IP
address into the address field, and then click OK or press [Enter].
Note: NetLink II will allow 5 attempts to enter a valid password.
If a valid password is not entered in 5 attempts, the unit will
disconnect, and you must then re-establish your connection to the
NetLink II unit.
After a brief pause, the "READY" message will be sent. Press [Enter] to
display the NetLink II Main Menu as shown in Figure 5.1.
5.2. Menu System Conventions
1. Access to Submenus: All menus are key activated. To access a
menu, key in the number for the desired item and press [Enter].
2. User Level / Administrator Level Functions: Note that most
configuration menus are not available in User Mode. In order
to perform the setup procedures described in this section, the
Administrator Mode must be active, and therefore, you must login to
command mode using an account that permits access to Administrator
level commands (Default = SUPER.) The top of the Main Menu
indicates whether User or Administrator Mode is currently selected.
For more information on User and Administrator Mode commands,
please refer to Appendix C.
3. Save Parameters: After NetLink II has been properly configured,
it is recommended to save parameters to flash memory. To save
parameters, go to the Main Menu, type 7, press [Enter], and follow
the instructions in the resulting submenu.
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