5. Configuration
This section describes how to configure the NetLink II to meet the
requirements of almost any data collection application. When the
NetLink II is shipped from the factory, options and parameters are set to
fit the requirements of most call accounting applications. In many cases,
if you do not choose to include NetLink II's advanced features, no further
configuration is required.
However, if you do intend to use advanced features (such as the Data Filter
or Alarm Filter), or if your application requires parameters other than the
defaults described in this section, the unit must be properly configured.
Although NetLink II provides a substantial assortment of advanced program
features, it is not necessary to include all of these features in your system
configuration. You may wish to complete the basic set-up first, and then
add optional features as needed.
When configuring the unit, note that the Status Screens can be accessed
via item 1 in the Main Menu. For more information on the Status Screens,
please refer to Section 7.
5.1. Command Mode Access
When the command mode is active, the unit will display a series of menus
that are used to select parameters, enable options, and retrieve stored data.
To access command mode for initial configuration, proceed as follows:
PollCat NetLink II Main Menu: Administrator Mode
1. Status Displays 21. Reboot System (Default)
2. Buffer Functions 22. Port Configuration
3. System Functions 23. System Parameters
4. System Diagnostics 24. Scheduled Action Parameters
5. ^Bxx Command Help 25. Alarm Configuration
6. Recall Parameters 26. Data Filter Configuration
7. Save Parameters
8. Exit Command Mode
Enter selection ...
Figure 5.1: Main Menu
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