PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
4.4. Connecting Cables and Phone Line
Your cable layout should account for the following factors:
Command Mode Access: NetLink II provides several methods for
accessing command mode
Network Access: NetLink II is managed via Ethernet, using a
Telnet Client.
Local Access: NetLink II is managed by a local PC connected to the
Console Port.
Modem Access: NetLink II is managed by a remote PC that
communicates with the unit via modem.
Multiple Access: NetLink II can be managed via Network, Console
Port, or Modem.
Alarm Actions: When an alarm is generated, NetLink II offers several
methods to notify the user:
SNMP Trap: An SNMP Trap is sent to a network management
Console Port Action: Alarms are sent to a local PC connected to the
Console Port.
Modem or Pager: Alarms are sent via Modem to a remote PC
or Pager.
Email or Text Message: Alarms are sent via email or text message, to
up to two user-defined email addresses.
Combination of Methods: Each alarm is directed to a different
target. The alarm configuration screens select notification methods for
each alarm.
The physical layout is determined by the Command Mode access method
and Alarm Actions required for your application. Determine which
method(s) will be used, and install cables as outlined in the following
Note: Prior to connecting data lines, make certain that cables
are compatible with NetLink II. Please refer to the interface
descriptions in Appendix B.
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