E. SSH Application Notes
The NetLink II has been tested with a wide variety of SSH server
applications, including BitVise WinSSH, F-Secure Server, GlobalScape and
the OpenSSH server. This section describes the procedure for setting up the
NetLink II to work with a BitVise WinSSH server.
E.1. Windows XP - Assign a User Name
Use the Windows XP Control Panel to assign a User Name which will be
used for the WINSSHD server application and the NetLink II Push option:
1. Access Windows XP Control Panel. From the Control Panel, select
"Administrative Tools."
2. From Administrative Tools, select "Computer Management" and then
select "Local Users". From Local User's, select "Users".
3. At the Users menu, right click on "New User", then create a User
Name and save it.
4. Highlight the new User Name, then right click and select "Set
5. Assign a password to the New User name, then save and exit from the
Control Panel.
Note: When conīŦguring the new user, select the option that allows
user access without the need to re-enter the password.
E.2. Create the User Name in the
WINSSHD Application
Use the WINSSHD Application to add the User Name that was created in
Section E.1 above.
1. Access the WINSSHD control panel and select "Setting", then select
"Edit & View Setting."
2. From the Edit & View Setting menu, select "Account" and then select
"Add User."
3. Use the "Add User" menu to create a new User Name. Enter the User
Name that was created in Section E.1 above, and then select "OK."
4. After adding the new User Name, select "Save" and close the Control
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