PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
However, when the clue is defined this way, headers and summaries with
alphabetic characters in the "B" field would also appear in the count.
In order to exclude undesired records, assume you have determined that call
records always begin with the character "|" (vertical bar). In order to use
this knowledge in the clue definition, you would first re-define the format
to include the variable "L" to represent the first character in the record, and
then re-define match parameters as follows:
This definition would exclude headers and summaries by only counting
records that begin with the "|" (vertical bar) character.
D.1.2. Exact Match with PBX Call Record Format
Both the Alarm Filter Format and the Alarm Clue definition must exactly
match the data storage format used by the PBX.
When your PBX stores data items such as the number dialed or time values,
the punctuation and exact characters used will differ from the formats
shown in the examples.
Prior to defining the Alarm Filter Format and Alarm Clues, it is
recommended to carefully examine a number of records. Check each data
item to determine the exact format used by the PBX. Later, when the Alarm
Filter Format and Alarm Clues are defined, your definition must reflect the
format used by the PBX.
D.2. Programming Support
If you have difficulty defining formats or clues, you can call the service
department at Western Telematic, Inc. at (949) 586-9950 or 1 (800)
854-7226, between 8:00 am and 5:00 am, Pacific Time. Any NetLink II
unit configured to allow remote access can be contacted via modem and
programmed by WTI service personnel.
Before calling, make certain your NetLink II unit has been allowed to store
a substantial number of call records, representative of the type produced by
the PBX. Please be prepared to give a description of the clues you need to
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