Hardware Installation
4.2.3 Modem Speaker (Sw4)
Set-Up Switch four is used to enable or disable the internal modem speaker.
When disabled (Sw4 = UP), the modem will continue to function, but the
modem speaker will be disconnected and will not produce any sound.
Switch 4 Modem Speaker
Down* Modem Speaker Enabled
Up Modem Speaker Disabled
* = Factory Setting
Set-Up Switch Three is included as a spare, and is not used.
When Set-Up Switch configuration is changed, it is not necessary
to reinitialize the unit; Set-Up Switch settings are read whenever
the unit is powered up, and each time the command mode is
accessed via the Console Port. Settings for Switch 4 (Modem
Speaker) will be applied immediately.
4.3. Reset to Defaults
This procedure will reset all parameters to default settings and reboot the
NetLink II unit. When the unit is shipped from the factory, defaults are
reset and the memory is cleared. However, if the NetLink II has been
previously installed, this procedure should be performed.
When this procedure is performed, all menu defined parameters
will be cleared. If you wish to preserve configuration settings,
parameters should be saved (as described in Section 14.2), before
beginning this procedure.
All SSH keys will be cleared during this default procedure.
The Reset Procedure will also clear all network port settings,
disable Telnet capability and erase any stored data.
To reset parameters to default settings and reboot the unit, first power
the unit on and then wait for the RDY Indicator to flash. Next, press and
hold the Default Button (located on the back panel.) Continue to hold
the Default button (for approximately five seconds) until the front panel
memory indicators flash.
After the memory indicators flash, release the Reset Button; the NetLink II
will reboot and reset default parameters. Note that after the Reset
procedure is performed, it will take approximately two to three minutes for
the NetLink II to reboot. This delay is due to the time required to generate
new SSH keys.
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