PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
^B98 Reset Network Port
(Administrator Mode Only) Reinitializes the Network Port. Type ^B98
[Enter]. If the "Sure" option is enabled, a prompt will be displayed before
this command is completed. Type Y to proceed or N to abort, and then
press [Enter].
Command Options:
^B98 Display "Sure" Prompt (If Enabled), Reset Network Port
^B98,Y Suppress "Sure" Prompt, Reset Network Port
^B99 Save Current Parameters
(Administrator Mode Only) Saves currently defined NetLink II
parameters to an ASCII text file on your polling device. In the event of
corruption or erasure, the file with the saved parameters can be uploaded to
the unit in order to restore the previous configuration.
Note that when this command is invoked, the command echo must be
disabled at your command port. If the command echo is not disabled, the
initial ^B99 command will be included in the saved parameters file, and
will cause problems when the file is later uploaded to the NetLink II unit.
There are two ways to suppress the command echo; via the Port
Configuration Menu, or by entering the ^A character in place of the ^B
character. When the ^A character is substituted for the ^B character (e.g.
^A99), the command echo will be temporarily suppressed, regardless of the
current command echo setting.
Please refer to Section 14.2.2 for more information.
Corresponding Menu Function: System Functions, Item 5.
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