Command Reference Guide
^B94 Enter Monitor Mode
(Administrator Mode Only) Allows direct communication via the
Serial PBX Input Port, PBX IP Port, Console Port or Modem Port. In
Monitor Mode, data can be received directly from the PBX in order to
check reception. Commands can also be sent directly to the PBX. To exit
Monitor Mode, type ^B30 and press [Enter].
Command Options:
^B94,A Monitor Serial PBX Port.
^B94,I Monitor PBX IP Port.
^B94,C Monitor Console Port.
^B94,M Monitor Modem Port.
Corresponding Menu Function: System Functions, Item 2.
^B95 Display Program Version
Displays the version number of the NetLink II Firmware. Type ^B95 and
press [Enter].
^B97 Define / Display Network Parameters
(Administrator Mode Only) Displays and/or Defines network parameters,
including the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address.
Command Options:
^B97 Display Network Parameters
^B97,1,IPADDR Define IP Address; Where IPADDR is the desired
IP Address.
^B97,1,[Space] Clear IP Address
^B97,2,SUBNET Define Subnet Mask Address; Where SUBNET is
the desired address.
^B97,2,[Space] Clear Subnet Mask
^B97,3,GATEWAY Define Gateway Address; where GATEWAY is the
desired address.
^B97,3,[Space] Clear Gateway Address
^B97,4,SNMP1 Define SNMP Manager #1; where SNMP1 is the
desired SNMP Manager.
^B97,4,[Space] Clear SNMP Manager #1.
^B97,5,SNMP2 Define SNMP Manager #2; where SNMP2 is the
desired SNMP Manager.
^B97,5,[Space] Clear SNMP Manager #2.
^B97,6,SNMPC Define SNMP Community; where SNMPC is the
desired SNMP Community.
^B97,6,[Space] Clear SNMP Community.
Corresponding Menu Function: Display Parameters; Status Displays,
item 23. Define Parameters; Network Port Configuration, Item 35.
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