PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
4.2. Set-Up Switches
The Set-Up Switches on the NetLink II back panel are used to enable/
disable the Console Port Password, Power-Up Console Default and internal
modem speaker.
4.2.1. Console Port Password (Sw1)
Switch One enables/disables the Console Port Password. When this feature
is enabled (Sw1 = Up), the NetLink II will prompt you to enter a password
before allowing command mode access via the Console Port. The password
prompt will accept either an Administrator Password (allows access to
all configuration functions) or a User Password (does not allow access to
configuration functions.) The default Administrator Password is "SUPER"
and the default User Password is "SMDR". For a summary of User Mode
and Administrator Mode functions, please refer to Appendix C.
Note: If the Console Port password is disabled, NetLink II will
always start up in Administrator Mode when contacted via the
Console Port.
Switch 1 Console Port Password
Down * Password Not Required at Console Port
Up Password Required at Console Port
* = Factory Setting
4.2.2. Power Up Console Defaults (Sw2)
When the "Power Up Console Defaults" feature is enabled, Console Port
communications parameters will be returned to their default settings
(9600 bps, eight data bits, no parity, hardware handshake and one stop bit)
whenever power to the unit is switched off or interrupted.
CAUTION: If Set-Up Switch 2 is UP (enable Power Up Console
Defaults), and there is a loss of power, port parameters will be
set to their default values.
If the Power Up Default is disabled (Sw2 = Down), when there is a power
interruption, NetLink II will be configured according to the parameters
currently saved in flash memory.
Switch 2 Power Up Console Defaults
Down * Disabled (Use Saved Console Port Parameters)
Up Enabled (Re-Set to Default Console Port Parameters)
* = Factory Setting
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