PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
^B61 Define Serial PBX Port Bits & Parity
(Administrator Mode Only) Selects bits and parity settings for the Serial
PBX Port, using the following format:
Command Options:
^B61,1 7 Bits, Even Parity (Default)
^B61,2 7 Bits, Odd Parity
^B61,3 8 Bits, No Parity
^B61,4 7 Bits, No Parity
Note: This command is included to maintain compatibility
with PollCat II units. If compatibility is not an issue, use the Port
Configuration Menus, or command ^B92.
Corresponding Menu Function: Serial PBX Port Configuration Menu,
Items 2 and 3.
^B62 Select Output Mode
Selects the format that will be used when data is released to the polling
device. Note that this command will only effect the port that invoked the
Command Options:
^B62,1 Release Data in ASCII Format (Default)
^B62,2 Release Data in ASCII Format
^B62,4 Release Data in Xmodem Format
^B62,5 Release Data in Zmodem Format
Corresponding Menu Function: Console, Modem and Network Port
Configuration Menus, Item 21.
^B64 Enable / Disable Wrap Around Mode
(Administrator Mode Only) The wrap around mode allows new data to
be written over older data when NetLink II’s memory becomes full. This
allows NetLink II to continually recycle its memory.
Command Options:
^B64,1 Disable Wrap Around Mode (Default)
^B64,2 Enable Wrap Around Mode
Corresponding Menu Function: System Parameters Menu, Item 5.
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