Command Reference Guide
^B54 Release Data on ^B01
Determines how NetLink II will react when command ^B01,n is invoked to
release data in groups of "n". Note that this command will only effect the
port that invoked the command.
Command Options:
^B54,1 Release First Group without ^B02 (Default).
^B54,2 Wait for Command ^B02.
Corresponding Menu Function: Console, Modem and Network Port
Configuration Menus, Item 22.
^B55 Strip Non-Printable Codes
(Administrator Mode Only) Conserves memory by omitting non-printable
characters, such as NULs, and DELs. NetLink II will remove most non-
printable characters except carriage returns, line feeds, and the selected
EOR character. This command uses the following format:
^B55[,port]<,action> [Enter]
,port Input Port: If this argument is omitted, ^B55 will set the
Strip Non-Printable codes option for the Serial PBX Port.
,A Serial PBX Port
,I PBX IP Port
,action Store/Strip Codes: Offers the following options:
,1 Store Non-Printable Codes (Default)
,2 Strip Non-Printable Codes
Corresponding Menu Function: Serial PBX and PBX IP Port
Configuration Menus, Item 13.
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