Command Reference Guide
^B11 Set Real-Time Clock/Calendar
(Administrator Mode Only) Sets NetLink II's real-time clock and
calendar. Command ^B11 uses the following format:
^B11,hh:mm,MM\DD\YY [Enter]
hh Is the Hour (00 to 23)
mm Is the Minute (00 to 59)
MM Is the Month (01 to 12)
DD Is the Date (01 to 31)
YY Is the Year (00 to 99)
Corresponding Menu Function: System Parameters, Item 3.
^B13 Display Site ID Message / Alarm Message
Displays the user-defined Site ID Message, along with the name of any clue
that is in the alarm state, and the status of the counter for that clue. Type
^B13 and press [Enter].
^B16 Display System Status
Displays a series of screens which list the status of most options and
parameters. Note that when command ^B16 is invoked without arguments,
the unit will display the Buffer Status Screen, but if the command
line includes the item number for a specific status screen (as shown in
Figure 7.1), the command will display the corresponding status screen
for that item. For example, to display the PBX Port status screen, type
^B16,11 and press [Enter].
Corresponding Menu Function: Status Displays, items 1 to 52.
^B17 Display PBX Inactivity Alarm Parameters
Displays currently defined PBX Inactivity Alarm parameters. When the
argument is omitted, the command will display parameters for Alarm 1
by default.
Command Options:
^B17,1 Display Parameters for PBX Inactivity Alarm 1 (Default).
^B17,2 Display Parameters for PBX Inactivity Alarm 2.
Corresponding Menu Functions: Status Displays, item 33 (Alarm 1);
Status Displays, item 34 (Alarm 2).
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