PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
^B05 Define End-of-Record Character
(Administrator Mode Only) Redefines the End-of-Record (EOR)
character that NetLink II expects to see at the end of each record
(Default=^J). Command ^B05 uses the following format:
^B05[,port]<,char> [Enter]
,port Input Port: If this argument is omitted, ^B05 will define the
EOR character for the Serial PBX Port by default. Offers the
following options:
,A Serial PBX Port
,I PBX IP Port
,char EOR Character: If a space character is entered, the EOR
character for the target port will be cleared.
Corresponding Menu Function: Serial PBX or PBX IP Port
Configuration menus, Item 14.
^B06 Re-send Last Data
This command is used in the event of a transmission error during the
previous read. Command ^B06 will only function when ^B01,n is invoked,
or when the Record Count option (Read Session Parameters) is used. To
re-send data, type ^B06 [Enter].
^B08 Display Current Alarm Record
Displays the last record that triggered an alarm. Type ^B08 and
press [Enter].
^B09 Exit Command Mode (Disconnect/HangUp)
Exits command mode, discontinues connection to the NetLink II, and resets
the internal modem. To exit and disconnect, type ^B09 [Enter].
Corresponding Menu Function: Main Menu, item 8.
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