Command Reference Guide
^B02 Send Next Data
When Command ^B01,n is invoked, NetLink II will release a group of "n"
records and then pause. To display the next group, type ^B02 [Enter].
Command ^B02 is only valid in Data Release Mode and cannot be used in
an Auto Execute string.
If "Data on ^B01" is disabled, a ^B02 is required in order to
release the first group of records.
If "Hold End Data" is enabled, a ^B02 is required in order to
release the End Data message.
^B03 Display Site ID
Displays the user-defined Site ID message. Type ^B03 [Enter].
^B04 Define Site ID
(Administrator Mode Only) Defines a Site ID Message up to 32 characters
long. Type ^B04,text and press [Enter] (where "text" is the desired Site
ID). The Site ID cannot include quotes or ASCII control characters (e.g.
STX, ETX). Normally, the Site ID message will precede the command
prompt upon login, but if the Site ID begins with an underscore character
("_"), the message will be displayed after the command prompt. To clear
the Site ID, type ^B04,[Space] and press [Enter].
The "_" character will not appear in the displayed Site ID
If the Console Port Password is disabled (Sw1=Down), the Site
ID Message will not be displayed when the unit is contacted via
the Console Port.
Corresponding Menu Function: System Parameters menu, Item 2.
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